100 Days, Let’s Celebrate . . . Nothing!

So Trump’s first hundred days are up and liberals are predictably taking the opportunity to be pissed. “Trump is a liar, he promised this and said he was going to do that and has not passed a single legislative agenda item.”

Actually Trump has signed 29 bills into law in his first 100 days, but not even the White House will tout any legislative success.  It’s not what the score keepers are looking for and any significant campaign promises he tried to keep by executive order are being held up in the courts.

The conservatives don’t get it either, bitching and moaning about a two week congressional recess when “there’s so much work to be done.”  “Build the wall! Tax Reform! Repeal and replace Obamacare!” Blah, blah, blah. Slow your roll guys, Obamacare is a steaming pile of shit, but replacing it with something just is bad doesn’t help anyone and will probably just make things worse.

The reality? It’s time to celebrate! If you believe that we are free and aren’t interested in giving up any of those freedoms in the name of whatever we’re supposed to be afraid of today, then celebrate. For the moment, gridlock truly is the best we can hope for.  Even though we don’t have it in the traditional sense, there are plenty of outright anti-Trumpers in the establishment, constitutionalists in the Freedom Caucus, and a few libertarians like Rand Paul to keep us from getting steamrolled by Trump’s agenda.

New legislation, by definition, restricts our freedom. In the simplest of terms, a law lays out an expectation of the public and commands a specific behavior. The same law will dictate the penalty, consequence, tax, fine, etc., for failing to meet your societal responsibility to follow said law. Even an appropriations bill delegates power of enforcement to Federal agencies who have the authority to create regulations that have the power of law without being bogged down by the legislative process or that pesky Constitution.

Take the beloved Obamacare for example. The douchebags in D.C. concluded that the solution to our healthcare woes was to make it illegal to not purchase healthcare, the dreaded mandate. So if you couldn’t afford to buy healthcare before the ACA passed, you still can’t, but now, if you don’t, you are in violation of federal law and for your crime against humanity, a penalty (tax) must be paid. Freedom restricted.

Your freedoms become fewer and fewer with every bill a president signs into law, almost without exception.  The path to preserving our freedom is to obstruct these bullshit legislative agendas (designed to buy votes and increase the size and scope of the federal government) until the mindset of congress is to start repealing the laws that restrict our freedom and create victimless crimes. We have enough laws, lets get rid of some, the sooner the better.

I’ll give the Trumpster one solid win in his first 100 days, Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.  His record and hearings seem to indicate the guy has a great reverence for our Constitution and won’t legislate from the bench.  I think that’s all of us really want and expect.

So not much else has happened in the last hundred days? Who cares?! Let the pundits whine, who really gives a shit what they have to say anyway?!  I say, Fuck yeah! Throw a steak on the grill, crack open a beer, and crank up the mighty Metallica! It’s a great day!

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