Give It Revolution

Vital Point Strike is an outlet for libertarian thought and commentary on anything that happens to pique my interest in the news of the day, amped up on whatever I’m into – primarily caffeine, martial arts, and heavy metal.

The inspiration came during the 2016 presidential election cycle, when it appeared that the country had lost it’s collective fucking mind.  Both political parties defending the indefensible. Hillary, at best a felon, and the Donald, clearly mentally unstable and just making shit up. Each candidate militantly supported by a very vocal minority.  Groups of people so crazed that they were willing to let go of family and friends, and engage in violence, over issues of grossly exaggerated importance. It seemed like you had no choice but to pick a side. I just could not understand that mindset. Even more inconceivable is that neither side has let up the election five months in the rearview.

Personally, I refuse to believe that the majority of the country is bat-shit crazy; most just sit silently, wishing we had something better, but accepting the status-quo and voting for the lesser of two evils.  The choices, 2 parties of special interest controlled, power hungry greed.

One day last summer I was in my car and rockin’ out to Suicidal Tendencies when ‘Give It Revolution’ came on.

“Thoroughout all time and history | The world’s been mauled tyranny | Now we’re refusing to take it | The worst evil the world has saw | Were crimes defended by the “law” | Deny our rights and we’ll break it                                                                                                     

You got to break the chains that hold you down | Crush the tyrants to the ground | Freedom cannot be legislated | We’ll bow down to no other one | Except The Father and His Son | They can’t deny what He’s created

Most wars never should have been thought | But this is a war that must be fought | We’ll take a wrong and we’ll right it | The greatest weapon of the fascist | Is the tolerance of the pacifist | We’ve got to stand up and fight it

We’ll give it . . . Revolution!”

The lyrics hit me like Thor’s Hammer and a movement was born.  It laid dormant until now, but the ideas swirled in my head for months.  And with the milestone of Trump’s first hundred days approaching, tensions rising with North Korea, and issues like tax reform and the wall in the queue and sure to divide along social and cultural lines, I know the time is now to speak up. It’s time for the once silent, common sense majority to have a voice, a loud, irreverent, unapologetic voice.

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